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Underworld Artwork
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Hi! I'm glad that you found your way here.

I began this community, because there is currently no community on LiveJournal the focuses solely on artwork inspired by the Underworld and Underworld:Evolution films. That said, let me get on to the guidelines of this community:

  • All artwork genres, kinks, squicks, and the like are welcome here, provided that they have the proper warnings in place. Please remember that anyone can read your work here, including persons underage or sensitive to non-boring less tame themes. ; )

  • All artwork, large or small, must be placed behind an LJ Cut. If you need some help with basic HTML coding and/or LJ coding, please visit the community's Basic HTML and LJ Coding Guide.

  • "Artwork" includes drawings, photo manipulations, and even icons. It takes talent to put all of this mediums together, so I believe that they have a right to be posted here.

  • Please place a header on all of your artwork. A header should look something like this:

    Title: If there is one
    Artist: xxx
    Rating: xxx
    Disclaimer: I do not own any canon parts of the Underworld verse.
    Warnings: xxx
    Pairings/Characters: xxx
    Crossposting: xxx
    Artist's Notes: xxx

    Your header does not have to look exactly like the example I provided. You can change up the ordering and the information you want included with your artwork. However, the following information must be included in your header: Artist's Name, Warnings, Rating, and Disclaimer.

  • Flaming will not be tolerated here. Flaming is defined as petty, insulting comments made in response to something an artist has posted here. Discussion and constructive comments are encouraged. Flaming will get you banned. No questions asked.

  • Have fun! This verse has plenty of potential, and I look forward to viewing some new artwork.

Happy posting!

Yours mod,


(dmitchell1985 and dm1985_photos)



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