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Vampire Fangs and Lycan Claws, Illustrated

Basic HTML Coding and LJ Coding Guide

Underworld Artwork

houses7177, Amelia on the hunt

Basic HTML Coding and LJ Coding Guide

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Amelia Hunting
To help you get started at uw_art, here is a general HTML and LiveJournal Code guide.

Note: Replace all brackets [ ] with arrows < >.

To italize your wording, use this:

[i]text here[/i]

To bold your wording, use this:

[b]text here[/b]

To underline your wording, use this:

[u]text here[/u]

To create a bulletpoint, use this:

[li]text here[/li]

  • Example text

  • To create a block of text (see example below), use this:

    [ul]text here[/ul]

      This is a test. This is only a test. You can't take this nifty block of text seriously, because it is only a test. :-P

    To create a link, use this:

    [a href="(full web address here, including the "http://" portion)"]name of your link here[/a]

    To post a picture, use this:

    [img src="(picture's web address here, including the "http://" portion)" Alt="text you want to show up when your cursor is over the picture here"] (< Alt text is optional)

    Lord Voldy!

    To link a picture, use a combination of the linking and picture codes, like this:

    [a href="(full web address)"][img src="(picture's full web address)"][/a]

    Yay!  I didn't see this coming, but woo hoo!!!

    To make a bulletpoint, blocked list, use a combination of the bulltpoint and block text codes, like this:


    • One

    • Two

    • Three

    To center your wording, use this:

    [center]text here[/center]


    To make small text, use this:

    [font size=1.5]text here[/font] or [small]text here[/small]

    To strike out your wording, use this:

    [strike]text here[/strike]

    To make an LJ Cut, use this:

    [lj-cut text="(name of your Cut here)"]Body text here[/lj-cut] (< to cut a specific section of an entry or make more than one cut)


    To link to another LiveJournal user or community, use this:

    [lj user="(their user name here)"] or [lj user="(community name here)"]

    dmitchell1985 or uw_art
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