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Vampire Fangs and Lycan Claws, Illustrated


Underworld Artwork

houses7177, Amelia on the hunt


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Amelia Hunting
Hello, and welcome to uw_art. I wanted there to be a community where Underworld artists could share their artwork on LiveJournal. And here it is!

Please see the User Info Page for posting details before posting to the community. Once you've done that, I look forward to seeing your wonderful artwork posted here.

  • I'm somewhat of a recent fan of UW but I quite adore it, even because I've been around the werewolf universe(not lycan necessairly)for quite some time and I think an artwork Com is very good idea because there's not enough here on LJ.
    My stuff focuses (sp?) on what one would call anthro-art (both human AND animal) but I quite love drawing full werewolves once in a while.
    Some of my work is at deviantart.com and heres an example: (F word implied) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/37897462/

    I'm sorry for such a shameless piece of self promotion! Plese delete this comment if it's not apropriate x.x
    • I apologize about not getting back to you sooner. I work frequently, so I tend to have a couple/few day(s) turnover.

      I certainly thought the fandom needed an art comm, because the possibilities for a gifted artist with these characters truly are endless. There was also the fact that wasn't one in existence and I really wanted to see what artists made of Lucien and Co in art form.

      I have liked werewolf characters on and off for years due to various movies I've watched over the years and the generally fascinating nature of their plight/blessing.

      The page you linked to was interesting. Is that any wolf in particular or were you going with the general theme?

      Self-promo is just fine as long as it's not done in a spamming manner. = D
      • The wolf there is actually my anthro self. She's an old vampire (this would be controversial in UW verse, eh?)
        Well, I'll be drawing (or attempting to draw)Lucian mostly. He's my favourite character. I might work out some of his people, like Raze, but I'm my quite sure. Natural color schemes are a pain in the ass for me :/

        Thanks for replying, btw!
        • Ohhh. Okay. Cool. Hey, that could work out. I liked some of the older vamps. Just look at Amelia in my icon. *loves*

          I'd love to see your Lucien. I adored him quite a bit and was pretty upset when he was done away with.

          No problem. It might take me a day or two (or three), but I try to get back to everyone.
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