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Vampire Fangs and Lycan Claws, Illustrated

April 13th, 2006

Underworld Artwork

houses7177, Amelia on the hunt


April 13th, 2006


Amelia Hunting
Hello, and welcome to uw_art. I wanted there to be a community where Underworld artists could share their artwork on LiveJournal. And here it is!

Please see the User Info Page for posting details before posting to the community. Once you've done that, I look forward to seeing your wonderful artwork posted here.

To help you get started at uw_art, here is a general HTML and LiveJournal Code guide.

Coding GuideCollapse )

LJ Cut ExampleCollapse )

Coding ContinuedCollapse )
uw_art is open to receiving new affiliates. If you want to be linked to from this community and to link to us in return, please leave a comment here.

Include your community's name and a small description about it.
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